Webrecon is Tracking People Who Sue Collectors: Plus Statistics from Them

WebRecon LLC helps collection agencies segregate debtors with a history of filing suit under FDCPA, FCRA & TCPA.

Yes, they are a CRA that tracks people who file lawsuits against the Collectors, Credit Reporting Agencies, and lawyers for breaking the law. WebRecon’s CEO Jack Gordon states, “We have been tracking litigants for over three years now, but there have been some frustrating limitations,” said Gordon. “In order to truly have the freedom to provide the most useful client experience, it became obvious that we needed to do it as a CRA.”

Webrecon tracks FDCPA, FCRA and TCPA lawsuits. It tracks people that threaten lawsuits and then wimp out and dont file.

WebRecon has introduced several litigant tracking innovations to the collection industry since its launch in January 2009. Among them:

  • Being the first to offer a comprehensive litigant batch processing service
  • Being the first to offer a litigant data warehousing service which alerts clients when any of their debtors sue another company
  • Being the only service to offer a fully indexed search engine of litigants, attorneys and defendants in consumer actions.
  • Being the only service to offer non-federal litigation in their database and search processes. WebRecon currently has almost 20,000 exclusive state, county, city and small claims lawsuits currently on file, in addition to over 70,000 federal lawsuits.
  • Being the only service to alert its clients of new activity by the most litigious consumers in the country through the semi-monthly “Litigant Hotsheet”

Since they are a credit reporting agency, they must adhere to the FCRA. You can get a copy of your report from their service. Here’s the form.

If you have read many of my post you will know that I have fighting the 3 big credit reporting agencies my entire adult life. That is what I do and I have a reason to intensely dislike all of the big 3: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. That said, maybe Webrecon isn’t in the same pack with the big 3. That being said, maybe Webrecon is a good thing for most of us. They may be good if you want to file a couple of lawsuits and want to be left alone after that.

Fight the essential fight, Boiler


Here are the Netrecon stats:

Quick analysis:  FDCPA litigation continues its slow decline from 2011’s record numbers, while FCRA and TCPA stay on track for strong YTD growth, though the actual YTD growth rates for both of them appear to be moderating as the year goes on.


Comparisons: Current Period Previous Period Previous Year Comp
. July 1 – 15, 2012 June 16 – 30, 2012 July 1 – 15, 2011
FDCPA lawsuits 417 464 -10.1% 462 -9.7%
FCRA lawsuits 71 70 1.4% 70 1.4%
TCPA lawsuits 37 43 -14.0% 16 131.3%
YTD FDCPA lawsuits 6138 6597 -7.0%
YTD FCRA lawsuits 1265 762 66.0%
YTD TCPA lawsuits 569 391 45.5%

Full Statistics:

There were about 481 lawsuits filed under consumer statutes in the first half of July 2012. Here is an approximate breakdown:

  • 417 FDCPA
  • 71 FCRA
  • 37 TCPA


  • Of those cases, there were about 512 unique plaintiffs (including multiple plaintiffs in one suit).
  • Of those plaintiffs, about 195, or 39%, had sued under consumer statutes before.
  • Combined, those plaintiffs have filed about 1156 lawsuits since 2001
  • Actions were filed in 115 different US District Court branches.
  • About 514 different collection firms and creditors were sued.

The top courts where lawsuits were filed:

  • 35 Lawsuits: New York Eastern District Court – Brooklyn
  • 26 Lawsuits: Illinois Northern District Court – Chicago
  • 25 Lawsuits: Colorado District Court – Denver
  • 25 Lawsuits: Pennsylvania Eastern District Court – Philadelphia
  • 20 Lawsuits: California Central District Court – Western Division – Los Angeles
  • 18 Lawsuits: Minnesota District Court – Dmn
  • 11 Lawsuits: Nevada District Court – Las Vegas
  • 11 Lawsuits: Michigan Eastern District Court – Detroit
  • 10 Lawsuits: Georgia Northern District Court – Atlanta
  • 10 Lawsuits: California Southern District Court – San Diego

The most active consumer attorneys were:

  • Representing 15 Consumers: Sergei Lemberg
  • Representing 14 Consumers: David M Larson
  • Representing 10 Consumers: Dennis R Kurz
  • Representing 10 Consumers: David J Philipps
  • Representing 10 Consumers: Hashim Rahman
  • Representing 10 Consumers: Adam Jon Fishbein
  • Representing 10 Consumers: Mark H Rephen
  • Representing 7 Consumers: David Wynn Miller
  • Representing 7 Consumers: Alex D Weisberg
  • Representing 7 Consumers: Gary D Nitzkin

Statistics Year to Date:

6931 total lawsuits for 2012, including:

  • 6138 FDCPA
  • 1265 FCRA
  • 569 TCPA

Number of Unique Plaintiffs: 7048 (including multiple plaintiffs in one suit)

The most active consumer attorneys of the year:

  • Representing 177 Consumers: David M Larson
  • Representing 171 Consumers: Sergei Lemberg
  • Representing 166 Consumers: Craig T Kimmel
  • Representing 111 Consumers: David J Philipps
  • Representing 106 Consumers: Dennis R Kurz
  1. Ron,
    Probably…. If they are doing what they say they are doing, I am in! It should be the Who’s Who of FDCPA litigants.
    It will be interesting to see how Webrecon does in the collection market. I have a feeling they will do well as collectors try to not get sued. The easiest way not to get sued is not to break the law.
    I think that Webrecon is neither positive or negative for people like me (us?).
    Thanks for the post, Boiler

    • Steve,
      I hope I am not 90% of the database. You will be there soon my friend. Sleep well knowing you are defending your rights.
      Fight the essential fight, Boiler

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