What are your chances of winning an FDCPA/FCRA/TCPA lawsuit?


I often get asked what your chances of winning a FDCPA/FCRA/TCPA lawsuit are? Of course, no one can tell you if your specific case will win. Most cases never go to trial. I have never met a Pro Se plaintiff that went to trial. Of course they are out there, but I have never met one.

Consider this. Jack Gordon is a former collector from Michigan. He started Webrecon to track FDCPA, FCRA and TCPA cases filed in the US. Jack said:

“The plaintiff’s bar has found their ideal statute, really,” said Gordon, the CEO of WebRecon. “It’s almost guaranteed that they can’t lose.”

Wow. It as if Jack holds the opinion you cannot lose. If Jack is right, when you file you will be like Larry Csonka on the ’72 Dolphins.

Thanks for the encouragement Jack!

Fight the essential fight, Boiler

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