Where is the Outrage? …with a Mild Mannered Rant.


I wanted to take a moment to take my attention off of the debt collectors. The debt collectors, the FDCPA, FCRA, etc. are my top passion in life outside of family and work.

But I have other interest. These may seem like mild mannered rants. Maybe they are. My other main interests are related to liberty and freedom.

I recently read an article about something that I am strongly opposed. I am opposed to using military drones against our own people. The article is called “Where is the Outrage?”

When reading the article, I am outraged about two things. I am outraged that the US Government uses military equipment against the American people. Secondly, I am outraged that the American people don’t seemed outraged about anything.

I had previously recorded a segment on us not having any fight in us. I have posted this today. When I recorded the message, it didn’t seem to fit anywhere. Today it seems to fit with the question, “Where is the Outrage?”

Are you sleeping at the wheel?

Sorry to wake you, Boiler.

  1. I think it’s not that we don’t care it’s more that we don’t know. The press be it conservative or liberal tends to give us the news that they want us to know. It is an outrage that these drones are killing american and I applaud you for being a great american and speaking about it. This is where change occurs not on capitol hill but with the people. I wish that were the case more often.

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