You don’t know more than I do about the FDCPA, FCRA, or the TCPA!


You couldn’t possibly know more than I do about the FDCPA, FCRA, or TCPA. I know so much that I have my own blog.

Seriously, if you have knowledge about these laws or other consumer laws, or just have an interesting opinion, I would enjoy having you as a guest contributor.

How to Submit a Guest Blog for the Blog

The Not Legal Advice blog delivers high-quality content for consumers wanting to stand up for themselves in today’s legal and financial toilet.

I would love to deliver your guest posts full of wisdom and insight to our readers. Here are the  general guidelines for guests to publish on the Not Legal Advice

1. What Subjects:

We write primarily about the following topics:

  • FCRA
  • TCPA
  • Pro Se Federal Lawsuits
  • Consumer Credit
  • Collection Agencies
  • Anything “anti-system”
  • Current Events (Newsjacking)

If you think you have an idea for content will fit well with our mission and values, email me.

2. Who Are You

If you’d like to submit a guest post, start by introducing yourself. Send an email to Introduce yourself, your situation and your idea for content. Tell Boiler how much you kick ass.

We’ll usually respond within 24 hours and either give you green light to write a guest post or say “No Thank You.” Sometimes we write guest posts or appear on other media too. Let us know if you’re interested in swapping content.

 3. Start Typing

Please be straight-up, avoid offensive statements to innocent people (or not…), and write something new.

Guest posts are not a sound box for free advertising. You can link  to content on your business blog, but only if it adds value to what you’re writing about.

  • Guest Posts Should Be at Least 500 Words. More if need be.
  • Separate your content into logical pieces with H2 subheader tags.
  • We also love numbered lists and bullet points when appropriate.
  • Do your best to eliminate errors. I have lots of typos, so check your documents too.

 4. Send It

After you’ve written an interesting and informative guest post, please email Boiler ( the following:

  • Your guest post in Microsoft Office or other common format
  • A picture file
  • A short boigraphy
  • One Link to your website if you have one. This isn’t required, but we’d love to be a helpful as possible in raising awareness.

 6. Wait for Us

We usually schedule our content a week or so out. Be aware that your article may not be published immediately.

After publication, we will promote your article on our Facebook and via our Twitter account.

Fight the Essential Fight, Boiler





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