Month: May 2013

Failure to State a Claim upon Which Relief can be Granted 26(b)(6)

After filing a lawsuit in federal court it is common for the defendant to file a Motion for Summary Judgement to get rid of a case against a Pro Se litigant. [...]

FDCPA Case Law

All, I was reading some complaints from the Federal Court in Denver. While researching the next defendant I am going after, I read some case law I thought was [...]

TCPA Case Law

All, Daniel A. Edelman is a consumer attorney from Chicago who wrote a pretty nice article on the TCPA. This article has lots of Case law that may be helpful [...]

Supreme Court Chimes in on Your Right To Travel

All, As you know that collection issues, credit issues and driving issues are dear to my heart. I received a document on your right to travel. As you may [...]

Deposition Notes

Attached is the deposition notes I took to my deposition last week. Had the opposing attorney asked for my notes, I would not have given then up as they are [...]

CreditRage -29- Deposition Notes

All, I wanted to talk about being deposed. A deposition is nothing to freak out about if you are Pro Se. A deposition is your sworn testimony as if you [...]