Month: September 2012

Caution: Administrative Processes

Hi, Today I read an article about an old administrative processes guru from a few years ago. Some people have tried to pay debts using administrative [...]

It's Getting Hard To Tell Who the Criminals Are!

All, I saw this article and found it shocking. District Attorneys (DAs) are letting collection agencies use the DA's letterhead to collect on alleged [...]

Prioritizing your Collection Issues- Statute of Limitations

All, As you know if you have been paying attention, I settled two lawsuits last week. This week I withdrew one. The two I settled were FDCPA and FCRA [...]

Name That Violation! – Call from a Collector – #2

Hello all, I wanted to thank you for visiting my site. Yesterday I had a record number of visitors. I think this is do to many people coming back to read new [...]

Another settlement check arived last night….

I received another $2350 settlement last night! I am just under $5000 for the week. I never tire of getting checks from debt collectors! This cant keep up as [...]

FCRA Violation – Re-Aging and Zombie Debts

All, I wanted to alert you to credit phenomenons called, "re-aging" and Zombie Debt. First, re-aging is when the date of last activity or delinquency gets [...]

Two Settlements from Debt Collectors

All, Since my last podcast, I have received two settlement offers related to the FDCPA and FCRA  and accepted them. The first settlement was against a large [...]