Month: March 2013

Social Media Connections for

All, Did the picture on this post get ya? After my last podcast on social media, I thought I should list my social media information. I dont have a [...]

CreditRage -16- FDCPA and Social Media Thoughts

Hi All, With the prevalence of social media, I thought I should share my thoughts with you. How does the FDCPA apply to social media such as Facebook, [...]

Case Law: Yale New Haven Hosp. v. Orlins, 1992 WL 110710 (Conn. Super. Ct. May 11, 1992)

Are Lawyers debt collectors? In addition to the standard legal citation of Heintz v. Jenkins, check this one out: “Simply stated, if an attorney regularly [...]

CreditRage -24- How to Stop Collection Agencies

All, I often get asked what to do to stop collection agencies. While that is not a question you can answer with a simple answer, on this podcast, I try [...]

CreditRage -17- Evidence Against You

All, First of all, I stutter in this podcast right out of the gate! It made me laugh while I was posting it, so I didn't edit it out. Anyhow... I wanted [...]

CreditRage – 15 – Know Your Local Rules

All, I know you're not going to believe this, but I made a gaffe. A gaffe sounds better than a mistake, doesnt it? Anyhow, I read my local rules, but I [...]


There are three parts of Discovery you can propound on your adversaries: Admissions Requests for Productions Interrogatories This post is going to look at [...]

List of Colorado State Agencies

Coloradans, Click here to see the Organizational Chart for the State of Colorado. Isn't it amazing how many people work for you and what results you [...]