Month: August 2012

Rant: Trigger Words

OK... I felt like letting loose another mild-mannered rant. If you don't know what I was talking about when I offhandedly mentioned Building 7, here is the [...]

Validation of debt is Important

All, There seems to be several misconceptions about verification and validation of debts when dealing with a FDCPA and FCRA. When you ask for verification of [...]

Interesting Article from the Mainstream Press

I wanted to make you aware that the "Mainstream Media" is starting to open their eyes to the credit card collection problem in America. I have been ware of [...]

Name That Violation! – Call from a Collector

I may be the only person in America that loves to get collection letters and collection calls. It is a shame I don't get more. Debt Collectors use [...]

Prior Litigation May Bar an FDCPA violation – Res Judicata

I answered a comment earlier about suing for the FDCPA while you are in state or local court. When I answered I was not at home and couldn't remember the term [...]

Social Media for

All, Here are the social media information of twitter: @notlegaladvice Facebook: NotLegalAdvice These will be redundant for the most [...]

Recording phone calls from collectors

Many times a collector will call you and break the law. I wanted to share with you my methods of recording phone calls. The first issue to consider is that [...]