Interesting Article from the Mainstream Press

I wanted to make you aware that the “Mainstream Media” is starting to open their eyes to the credit card collection problem in America.

I have been ware of this quote for some time:

“I would say that roughly 90 percent of the credit card lawsuits are flawed and can’t prove the person owes the debt,” said Noach Dear a civil court judge in Brooklyn, who said he presided over as many as 100 such cases a day.”

Read the whole article. You will hear about robo-signing and robo-tesimony. It really is a breach of justice when these bully boys control our courts and the judges, unlike Judge Dear, wont stand up for justice. Our legal system has failed you.

If you keep this in mind, you will see that credit card issues are winable if you just fight. The key is to fight.

Fight the good fight, Boiler

  1. Maybe people will start seeing credit cards for what they are| a big lie. I was caught up in their game as well. Thanks for the lawsuit template. I am working on it now. Revara in LA.

    • Let me know if you have any questions on the lawsuit template. If it is confusing please let me know. I would like for it to be simple and straight forward for everyone.
      Fight the good fight, Boiler

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