Update on Boiler’s Activities – Book
Just to let you know I have not been posting as frequently as I would like for a reason. I am working on a book. I will post the details here. My plan for [...]

CreditRage -33- The Chain Won’t Break Itself

Hi! Welcome to CreditRage 33. In this episode I will discuss: Settlements Thoughts on Federal FDCPA and FCRA suits Methodologies for fighting debt [...]

Free Legal Research Book for Normal People (Pro Se)

All, Here is my first book and it is free until Tuesday 11/12/13! After that it is 99 cents. This is my book about how to research federal cases using [...]

What would we do without the police? Larkin Rose

What would we do without the police and courts to protect us? I must admit that I, and most of the people I associate with, have a bit of a man-crush on [...]