Month: December 2012

How Do You Opt Out of Credit Offers?

All, There are two types of inquiries on your credit reports. The first type is a type of credit pull that affects your credit score. This is commonly called [...]

Book Review – F The Banks by Judson E Crump

I read a hell of a lot of books. I read only non-fiction and classics. Mostly books related to debt collection and finance are what I seek. In case you [...]

CreditRage -7- The Ethics of Not Paying Collectors

Ragers, What are the ethics of not paying your bills? When the banks cant pay their bills they get a bailout, right? Listen to this podcast to hear my [...]

Case Law – Midland Funding v Brent – Robosigning

If you are involved with Midland, please read this Opinion from Midland Funding v Brent. Ivan Jimenez, one of Midland’s ten “specialists” in the [...]

CreditRage -6- Admitting The Debt

All, One of the worst things you can do when facing a debt collector is admitting the debt. You could blunder and do this many ways. Besides the obvious, [...]

Case Law – Brim v. Midland Credit Management, Inc

Brim v. Midland Credit Management, Inc., 795 F. Supp.2d 1255 (2011) Jury verdict awarding plaintiff $100,000.00 in compensatory damages and $632,180.00 in [...]

Question about NCO and debt validation

I received the following question from an email from Toni: I received response from NCO for validation. They sent a response letter stating all collection [...]

CreditRage -1- Introduction and Order to Show Cause

This is the initial CreditRage episode #1 that I have been holding back on you. If you listen to it, you will discover the two reasons that I didn't post it [...]

What is CreditRage?

CreditRage is a podcast that is recorded a few times a week in a car. The podcast is usually a short chat about a topic related to consumer credit. Boiler [...]


CreditRage -5- STIPULATION OF DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE This episode discusses how to finish a case after the settlement has been completed. Discussed is [...]