Getting calls from LibertyAP? Liberty Automotive Protection 732-807-5611


Hi all,

I have been getting calls from LibertyAP in Asbury Park, NJ. I thought I would pass along their info in the event you are getting similar calls.

Their address is:

Liberty Automotive Protection

3430 Sunset Ave

Asbury Park, NJ 07712

You know their phone number:


They are a DBA for Palmer Administrative Services, Inc. Palmer Administrative Services is a New Jersey company using the trademark and Business name of Liberty Automotive Protection. If you want to send them a letter the address you use that is listed above may be shown as Ocean, NJ 07712. If you use it may change it for you. I think either address will get your communication to LibertyAP.

Their Registered Agent is Registered Agents Legal Services, LLC 11013 Centre Road, ste 403S, Wimington DE 19805

If you need to serve them, that is the place to send your process server.

Hope this info helps if you are getting unsolicited calls to your cell phone from this group.


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  1. They just called me, I get so many calls from scam people and I mean at least three or more a day I am getting very rude when I answer the phone. I said hello and he said my name I said who is this and he said my name again and I said who is this with an attuide and he said have a nice day and hung up. I get very tired of getting these calls and the scam people are making it very bad for the calls that are real. I even hung up on my doctors office twice because I didn’t know the no. and it didn’t say the name of the office. I just answered it and hung up real fast to keep from hearing the phone ring and ring and ring.. It’s a problem. My name is Janice Warner and offcourse you already know that.

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