Prioritizing your Collection Issues- Statute of Limitations


As you know if you have been paying attention, I settled two lawsuits last week. This week I withdrew one.

The two I settled were FDCPA and FCRA lawsuits against national collection agencies. The one I withdrew from was also a FDCPA lawsuit. I will discuss why I withdrew after the dust settles.

What I wanted to briefly discuss to day is how I am going to prioritize what I am going to do next. I have three lawsuits that are not written but I have sent at lest two letters on each case to mitigate the situation.

The considerations that I am thinking about are the Statue of Limitations and the time I have available. The Statute of Limitations (SOL) is a deal killer when your complaint is time barred. Time barred is when the issue is past the SOL.  For the FDCPA the SOL is one year. For the FCRA is is two years after you notice it, but not more than 4 years total. At any rate, all of my possible lawsuits are not past the SOL and thus are not time barred so this is not an issue.

My other consideration is time. How much time I have available is a big factor on when and how many suits to file. I have a full time job, manage 5 rental properties, wife, 3 year old daughter, working on two websites… you get the picture! I am also leaving for a long trip to California this weekend.

If I can get a suit together and file it before I go to California, nothing is likely to happen before I get back in 5 days. If I wait, I will be 5 days further away from a settlement. I hope to get at least one suit file before I go on my trip,

The point of this post was just to let you know some of the considerations that are going through my head when trying to prioritize my litigation. You will want to go through these things as well.

Fight the good fight, Boiler

PS: I will be out for a couple of days as I am in California. I may not be as responsive to post and questions. Thanks for you patience.

  1. Congradulations man. I know you work your ass off to keep up with everything.
    Thanks for your help. As you know I settled with Palisades yesterday. After we talked on the phone I forgot to tell you that I was out with Misses Brick.
    All of this happened because of the complaint template you sent.
    Fight the good fight, JT the Brick!

    • Mr. Brick,
      Congratulations to you also! Hope Misses Brick enjoyed an evening on Palisades.
      The template is a lot of work from a lot of people. All of us that have used it need to pat our gratitude forward to the community. Without the community of like minded people, we would not be able to fight the FDCPA and FCRA violations the way we do.
      Keep fighting the good fight and cashing checks.

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