Two Settlements from Debt Collectors


Since my last podcast, I have received two settlement offers related to the FDCPA and FCRA  and accepted them.

The first settlement was against a large collection agency in the East. I signed a Non Disclosure Agreement with them so I cant relay to many details. Listen to the podcast to hear the events of this FCRA and FDCPA suit.

The second FDCPA suit I haven’t signed the settlement on, but will after this post. It started with a $32 collection letter from UPS. The settlement is for $2350. Not bad for an hour or so of work. If you are having an issue with UPS or a related collector (Synter Resource Group), please let me know and I will go into great detail if need be.

Another point I make in this podcast is to stay within the boundaries of what has been done before. If you get too adventurous, you may get burned.

Fighting the debt collectors in federal court is an efficient way to win. If you have any questions please let me know.

Fight the good fight now!


    • Chaz,
      To be honest I was OCD for about 6 months. I learned much more than I need to before I filed suit. I studied about how to serve people. I studied the stylings (header) of a lawsuit. I studied all types of things that most people will not have to study if you have some help. I think you could file in a couple of weeks if you were ready to study.

      I will help you in any way I can. Please let me know when you are ready to fight the good fight.
      I am ready now!

        • Frank,
          The first step is to send a dispute letter. You must do this withing 30 days of you receiving their collection letter. Make sure to send it certified and keep a copy. Here is a sample:

          US Certified Mail 7011 0470 0002 0215 1234


          Boiler Maker
          4301 Main Street
          West Lafayette, In 47630
          (812) 555-9233

          Synter Resource Group
          5935 Rivers Ave. Suite 102
          North Charleston, SC 29419-3247

          UPS Account Number: 111y66
          Your File #: 49357931

          Synter Resource Group,

          Thank you for your recent presentment I received yesterday. This is not a refusal to pay, but a notice that your claim is disputed.

          This is a request for validation within 7 days of receipt of this letter.


          Boiler Maker

  1. Hello
    I received one of these collection letters saying I owed UPS. I don’t have an account with UPS but in the last few months I received some type of documentation that looks like I sent a package through UPS out of an area where I do not live, now this agency Synter Resource group is trying to collect from me. What is this about?

    • I would probably need a little more information. Did you send the package they refer to in the document they sent you? Did you dispute the debt with Synter in writing with certified mail?
      Let me know and I will give you better answers. Thanks, Boiler

  2. Received a collections bill from them today for $36. It has something to do with an international shipment through UPS. I have never used UPS for international shipments. I plan on sending them the certified letter but would like any tips you have for dealing with them. Thanks!

  3. Boiler, I found this as I was doing a search for this Synter company online after receiving a letter stating I owe them $47.35. After checking with UPS, they say my account balance is $0. I used UPS one time last year, and I cannot imagine where this is coming from. I am sending the letter you recommend above. Please advise what to do next?

    • Laura,
      The answer to this question depends on you.

      It will take some time to study if you want to sue them. My guess is that if this is the only debt related issue that it will not be worth your time to learn the method for one lawsuit. If you have several more issues with credit, this would be a good case to learn how to use this method to fight debt collectors and have them write you a check.

      If this is your only collector/credit issue you will probably just want to scare them off. To do this the method that has worked is to send them a Debt Validation letter. You will find a simple debt validation letter here:

      If they persist, send them a “Notice of Intent to Sue” or “Notice of Pending Litigation”. These are the same letter some people call different things. Let me know if you get to this point. I will help you.

      I have sued them and received a check.

      If I can be of help, or you need to talk about any of this please email me and we can set up a time to talk.

      Fight the essential Fight, Boiler

  4. Boiler, I received a collection notice from Synter Resource representing UPS for a package that I sent with them. UPS lost the package and denied to pay the insurance after my claim, but insisted I have to pay for the shipment. I totally forgot about this issue assuming someone in that company will figure out how you can charge for something you had screw and that over 6 months has past. Any how long story short, still today the tracking number of that package appears in transit and UPS has no idea where the package is. I look today into my UPS account, it shows a $0 debt but by cross reference I’m sure this is about that same package.

    Before this letter they told me over the phone (I tried over 5 times to get this on writing) that until the package appeared I wouldn’t have to worry about paying for it. All I’m asking UPS is to find my package send it back to me and I will pay all the expenses I’m due.

    I’ll be sending the dispute letter, but I’m wondering if it is worthy to continue burning my time with this issue for $55 or just pay for it and forget UPS even exist for a while. For the package they lost I have to pay $300 for a replacement, lost the package and now they want me to pay for the shipment. What are your thoughts?

    • Daniel,

      I had a similar situation and fought them. I cannot speak to any numbers as I have a confidentiality clause in my settlement.

      I thought it was worth it to fight them. If their are violations of the FDCPA, you are not fighting for $55, you are likely fighting for $1000.

      Let me know if I can help.

      Best Wishes, Boiler

  5. I’m another person who got several robot calls from Synter, then a collections letter claiming that I owe $42.40 on my account with UPS. I do not and have never had an account with UPS. I sent them a dispute letter, they followed that up by sending me copies of two invoices that were supposedly sent to me by UPS for a “UPS My Choice Premium Subscription Fee”, and today started in with the robot calls again. What’s my next best step to get them to see that I dispute that this charge is valid, and make them go back and verify the info?

    • Roger,

      My plan would depend on what you want out of this. What is the end goal?

      If this were them calling me, I would send them a notice of intent to sue. I can send you a template if you need one.

      If they don’t reply, do the notice one more time.

      If they don’t reply… Sue them.

      I am willing to help you with all of this. Let me know how I can assist.


  6. In December 2015, I sent a package via DHL to a family member overseas.
    The forms required to send the package were completed online (DHL website).
    Because DHL was too far from me, I decided to have them come to my place of work to pick up the package.
    Several weeks later after the shipment my employer received an Invoice stating that the amount of $409 had to be paid.
    That amount was never disclosed when the arrangements were made.
    I got a letter from Synter Resource stating that DHL has placed my account for collections. (I didn’t know I had an account with DHL)
    Last week, they called my place of work.
    I asked them why they had my employer involved, and they stated that this was because that was the place DHL picked up the package.
    I was very surprised and of course not knowing what to do and not wanting any issues with my employer, I paid $409.
    I feel like I was taken advantage of and I’m afraid this is not the end of it.

    • Ana,
      Sorry you paid them.
      My situation was similar but with Synter and UPS.
      I ended up getting a check from them and haven’t heard back.
      Best Wishes, Boiler

      • Received a collection letter from Synter billing for ‘Inside Delivery’ @ $135 from a trucking company my business has used multiple times in the past. We have never been billed for this service, shipping is always included with this order, and I feel strongly the charge is fraudulent. I contacted the Trucking company who has no record of an outstanding charge or collection charge-off. Upon asking Synter, they provided the original bill of lading and an in-house invoice but no proof of the original charge. Wondering what my best course of action is.

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