Month: January 2013

Collection Agency Worker Charged with Identity Theft

Two people were charged in a scheme to steal identities of consumers. One person, Deatrice Smith Williams, was the employee of the agency and the other was [...]

American Express, Discover, Citigroup accused of collusion in New York

American Express Co, Discover Financial Services and Citigroup Inc face the allegations in two antitrust lawsuits filed by customers who had to sign [...]

Credit Rage -8- Is Boiler Selling Out?

This is the latest installment of Credit Rage. This is about the possibility that I am selling out. I also discuss case law that is used against us and the [...]

Science of Courtroom Persuasion

I ran across some videos on courtroom persuasion. It is about the psychology of persuasion. Check out the article and videos here: Fight the Essential Fight, [...]

Ten banks settle foreclosure charges for $8.5 billion

I do not generally talk about foreclosure issues and news. This story was too good not to mention. 8.5 Billion bucks for robosigning! As you may know, [...]

Document – Federal Court Civil Complaint Flow Chart

Here is a document that I hope will clarify the Federal Civil Lawsuit Process. This is a simplified flow chart that shows the process that Federal Court [...]

Bill To Amend FDCPA Introduced – HR 6707

North Carolina Republican Walter Jones Jr. introduced a bill to the House of Representatives this past Holiday Season. It will likely be introduced to 113th [...]

DOJ Reaches Settlement with Law Firm Over Fraudulent Debt Collection Practices

There are more laws than just the FDCPA, FCRA and TCPA that debt collectors routinely violate. Of course most sates have similar laws that the collectors [...]

Does Case Law Scare You If It Is Not In Your Favor?

I read a lot of cases. I read almost every one I see. There are cases that go for and against the consumer. There is often case law on the exact same legal [...]