Does Case Law Scare You If It Is Not In Your Favor?

I read a lot of cases. I read almost every one I see. There are cases that go for and against the consumer. There is often case law on the exact same legal [...]

CreditRage -7- The Ethics of Not Paying Collectors

Ragers, What are the ethics of not paying your bills? When the banks cant pay their bills they get a bailout, right? Listen to this podcast to hear my [...]

What is CreditRage?

CreditRage is a podcast that is recorded a few times a week in a car. The podcast is usually a short chat about a topic related to consumer credit. Boiler [...]

Best Places to Work in Collections?

When I was growing up in the Midwest, I remember every year in grade school we would have to give a presentation on what we wanted to do when we grew up. This [...]

Is the Governement reading your Emails?

I like this video of an NSA whistle-blower. If the Government inst reading your emails, they are collecting them and can read all of them when they [...]

Credit Rage -3- Stand Up For Your Rights

All, This is a new series of podcasts I want to do called "Credit Rage". CreditRage is a cross between credit chat and road rage. I plan on recording a [...]

The Golden Rule of Fighting Debt Collectors

All, In this podcast I discuss what I call the "Golden Rule of Fighting Debt Collectors". What to know what the rule is? Listen to the free podcast! I also [...]

Rant: Trigger Words

OK... I felt like letting loose another mild-mannered rant. If you don't know what I was talking about when I offhandedly mentioned Building 7, here is the [...]

How to Ask a Question – New Phone Number

If you have questions for me, I will do my best to answer them. The best way is to call me and leave a message. My phone number is 206-426-5079. Call [...]

Colorado Theater Shooting and Credit Discussion

It was hard not to start out talking about the 12 people that were killed in the theater in Aurora Thursday. Especially since this podcast originates about 15 [...]