News: Original 13th Amendment to the US Constitution

I love New Hampshire. Never been there, but love their spirit!

For years people have talked about the “original” 13th Amendment. These were mostly those Patriot kind of people. You know the crazy ones that thought the Constitution was really a legal document that courts throughout the land would obey.

The “original” 13th Amendment barred people with titles of nobility from holding public office: public offices such as judges, Congressmen and Presidents of the United States. While you may think this is no big deal as Sir Paul McCartney isnt a Congressman. Think about this…

The title of Attorney and Esquire are considered titles of nobility. If the “original” 13th Amendment is enforced, no lawyers could hold public office. As you probably know, a significant number of politicians and most judges are lawyers.

It will be interesting to see what happens. I bet the lawyers will vote it down.

Here is a link to check out if this interests you:

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