TCPA Case Law

All, Daniel A. Edelman is a consumer attorney from Chicago who wrote a pretty nice article on the TCPA. This article has lots of Case law that may be helpful [...]

DOJ Reaches Settlement with Law Firm Over Fraudulent Debt Collection Practices

There are more laws than just the FDCPA, FCRA and TCPA that debt collectors routinely violate. Of course most sates have similar laws that the collectors [...]

Does Case Law Scare You If It Is Not In Your Favor?

I read a lot of cases. I read almost every one I see. There are cases that go for and against the consumer. There is often case law on the exact same legal [...]

CreditRage -7- The Ethics of Not Paying Collectors

Ragers, What are the ethics of not paying your bills? When the banks cant pay their bills they get a bailout, right? Listen to this podcast to hear my [...]

What is a Foti Violation? Foti vs. NCO

For More Information, Check out my Other Site: FotiViolation.org What is a Foti violation and how can it help you? A Foti violation is a message that is left [...]

Webrecon is Tracking People Who Sue Collectors: Plus Statistics from Them

WebRecon LLC helps collection agencies segregate debtors with a history of filing suit under FDCPA, FCRA & TCPA. Yes, they are a CRA that tracks people [...]

Blog Question About Collecting on the Same Chase Debt Twice

Here's a question from Sue: I received a letter from Palisades Collection telling me I owe 7,140.49 I went through a Debt company back in 2007 and I paid my [...]

Question about Phone Calls from Chase Banks – From Email

Hello. Here is a question I received via email last night: I have two Chase Visas. I quit paying them in August. Chase calls me daily. It is driving me nuts. [...]

Name That Violation! – Call from a Collector – #2

Hello all, I wanted to thank you for visiting my site. Yesterday I had a record number of visitors. I think this is do to many people coming back to read new [...]

Rant: Trigger Words

OK... I felt like letting loose another mild-mannered rant. If you don't know what I was talking about when I offhandedly mentioned Building 7, here is the [...]