CreditRage -9- Thoughts on Your Credit Score

I am amazed at the power of credit scores! I m not describing how much power they have when you want to buy a new BMW. I am talking about how much cash and energy people put into maintaining a good credit

Listen to the latest episode of CreditRage and hear my thoughts on the power of your credit score.

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  1. In listening to your podcast…because we are finally back into a situation to be concerned about our credit score…soooo I have a question – but first a quick summary: I was laid off in 2009, I contacted the 2 credit card companies (Capital 1 / 1490.00 & Union Plus / 3500.00) to alert them to the fact I lost my job and that I would need to set up monthly payment arrangements at $75 a month – to each company – until I could find a new job. Well they both basically laughed in my ear, closed my account, continued to finance charge and over limit fee me to death until the 180 day mark where they charged off my account (in late 2009). After a few months of Union Plus’ collection agency contacting me, i was finally able to negociate a $100 monthly auto draft for Union Plus (they hounded me for a 1/2 and 1/2 payment or one lump sum, which I didn’t have DUH…she even told me to take it out of our retirement or they were going to TAKE IT FROM ME out of the retirement whether I liked it or not…) anyway after telling her we have 5 children and literally ONE job and barely making the house payment & electric bills she finally agreed (angrily) to accept the 100 per month autodraft…so flash forward to today – I pulled the credit report to try and figure out where I stand only to find that Union Plus is reporting monthly that it’s a charge off…I’ve paid back 2500 and am still paying faithfully without skipping a beat!!

    Additionally Capital One is reporting 3 times per month (on ONE account), and has sold my account to Portfolio Recovery who is also reportint TWICE a month. Portfolio also changed my First Debt Date to MARCH 2013!!!

    Oh and GE Troy Build (1900.00) agreed (in 2009, when I called to close the account and ask for a payment plan) to allow me to make 70 a month payments but they also continue to report negatively on a monthly basis as they closed my account and the last activity on my account was in 2009…they haven’t reported I’ve been paying every single month (I obviously have proof) I’ve never missed a payment with them either!!!

    Luckily we’ve not missed a house payment – we’ve been ALMOST 29 days lol..but by the skin of our teeth have made those payments month after month – literally going hungry to make that payment, I’ve FINALLY been rehired and we are trying like the devil to get back on our feet but after all these years of “sacrafice” to make those payments to these companies I find they have only continued to report negatively month after month after getting their money steadily and without missing payments over the last couple years???

    so, I ask this…what in the world do I do?? – it seems that while there were many nights we sat in the dark, had to buy chicken leg quarters and rice to feed us all just so we could make the payments we were obligated to make…only to find out where we were initally concerned and continued to pay is still just as bad as if we had not paid at all…nothing changed, nothing was improved, it’s all still charged off and still just as bad as if we were dead beats.

    so what are your thoughts?

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