WebRecon Marketing Marterials – What They Think We Are Doing


Here is a WebRecon marketing brochure. It interesting me to see what they think we are doing. Also, check out the pricing! I think this is a pretty reasonable value.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Fight the essential fight, Boiler

The Problem WebRecon Addresses
The number of FDCPA lawsuits has been growing fairly aggressively over the last decade, though it has slowed somewhat for the first time in 2012.
FCRA and TCPA suits have also grown over the last decade, most dramatically (in contrast to FDCPA) in 2012. All indicators suggest the problem
will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. The primary reasons:

  • More attorneys are deciding to specialize in consumer-oriented credit and collection law.
  •   The economy will be providing a large pool of clients for them for a long time.
  • The media continues to publicize bad behavior in the industry, keeping a spotlight on the reasons more consumers will be going on the offensive.
  • And, of course, there is momentum. When a consumer successfully uses any of these statutes and wins, they tend to be much more inclined to use them again when the opportunity comes to them. The number of consumers in this position is growing every month.

Description of Services
WebRecon LLC provides a database tool through which creditors, collectors, attorneys and debt buyers can determine the likelihood that any of their
debtors have been involved in credit or collection litigation under any of the many consumer statutes that regulate creditors and collectors. The
primary method of operation is through a batch process, but we offer warehousing and individual searches as well.

WebRecon regularly provides litigation statistics to the industry media, which are almost universally picked up. This provides regular publicity not
only for WebRecon, but for the consistently growing number of lawsuits, further establishing the need for a service to scrub files for repeat litigants.
Webrecon also has a presence at many industry conferences, both on the trade show floor and with Jack Gordon as a speaker on the phenomenon of
growing consumer lawsuits. No other companies or individuals have established themselves as an expert in this area.

Competitive Landscape
There are a few companies that offer a similar service, though none come close to what WebRecon offers. We are the only company to focus on this
concept 100%, and we have worked hard to differentiate ourselves with a significantly superior product to the competition, impressive as they may
be. When prospective clients test us against any of the other companies, we rarely lose the contest (I would say never, but I can’t prove that).


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