CreditRage -11- Are we embellishing our results?


There is a lot of collection industry chatter about Pro Se lawsuits involving consumer law. There seems to be a industry line that settlements are much fewer and farther apart than the Pro Se community states.

If this were true, why are they talking about it? If we weren’t winning, they would ignore us and talk about something else to overly inflate their egos.

You don’t need to believe me or the industry voices. Check it out for yourself. Go to and do a search under section 480. See what is going on in your area. If you are from Alabama, search Pacer for suits in Alabama.

This podcast is from December, but I think it is still relevant.

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  1. I have to admit, I was skeptical of the Pro Se approach to fighting debt collectors. As you suggested, I went to pacer and looked. I am from outside of Dallas and looked at the federal lawsuits against collectors. There is a hell of a lot of them. It looked like mostly FDCPA.

    It also looked like the consumer wins every time. I want to start! Midland Funding is killing me!

    • Steve,
      Thanks for looking on Pacer. There are a lot of people that will argue about our results without doing the research. Thanks for doing your own research.
      I have my issues with Midland Funding too. Go get ’em!
      Fight the Essential Fight, Boiler

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